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Business as a lifestyle

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I decided to start my own business and I understand that in this case you need a lot of persistence and energy. Without these ingredients, it's hard to succeed in today's marketplace. What else can you advise?

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Unfortunately, only a few of those who dream of opening their own business dare to do so. The problem is not even the lack of opportunities, because there are many people like, who started their own business from scratch and achieved excellent results. The main difficulty is often the inability to overcome his fear, overcome doubts, to find the strength and make the important decision to start a business, as well as the choice of assistant on the initial path to his dream. You need to work on these points.

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Often people are afraid to start their own business because they have been taught since childhood that one must first study well and then seek a job in a prestigious organization. Those who dared to ask if they should set up their own firm were told that they had to be a millionaire, have good friends in government, and so on. I know from my own experience.