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Describe a problematic situation that occurred in a pharmacy and how you handled it.

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Well, my first job out of college was at Rite Aid. One day, I was working behind the pharmacy counter and an old lady came up to me and asked me for an item. She showed me the item and I asked her for a doctor's prescription for it. She couldn't even remember the name of the drug and she was getting more and more agitated, so I told her to go get her prescription and come back to the pharmacy. She left and went to the pharmacy again and tried to get the prescription filled without seeing the doctor again. I refused to give the prescription to her. She started yelling at me, so I called and put her on the phone with a manager. She got mad at him and left without the prescription. I asked one of the other pharmacists to call her doctor's office and get the prescription. She came back to the pharmacy and I filled her prescription. She said she was going to sue me and the store for discrimination. I had a manager witness the whole thing and told her I'd be happy to have a lawyer review the video footage of the whole incident.