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Health problems

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Today I visited the hospital to check on my health. I had about a dozen doctors look at me and I seem to be healthy, but the cardiogram showed that I have a little deviation from the norm with my heart. Well, I'm waiting to see a cardiologist. Tell me what this may mean and how to understand the words of the doctor who did my cardiogram that there are small deviations. But he didn't say anything in substance. Has anyone had a similar situation?

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I had a similar situation. Of course, when I was waiting to see a cardiologist, I couldn't find myself. But I can reassure you, they say that to everyone if it's nothing. After all, as they say nowadays, there are no healthy people, only the underexamined. I went to the cardiologist and he told me nothing serious. He only prescribed this medicine . You can read about it on web-sites. It helps with diseases of the cardiovascular system. You can even take it if you don't have any problems. You know, like vitamins, for example. To prevent vascular problems with the heart. So pull yourself together and don't panic. You'll be fine. I won't even wish you well, because you're healthy enough as it is. Good luck to you!

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Thank you for the helpful information. I'll give you 100 percent more likes.

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Thanks for it! All must understand that health is very important in our lives!