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How technology is changing the way we travel ?

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Technology has changed the way we travel and is bringing out new ways to travel. Fastag, a startup in 2013, allowed highway users to opt for a digital tag that would be linked to their Aadhaar number. The user gets an RFID tag, which is a sticker with a chip that is affixed to the windshield or dashboard. As the user goes through toll plazas, they can pass through the toll plaza without stopping and the system automatically deducts the toll from the account linked to the tag. This technology also allows paying for parking, retail, and fuel at some gas stations.

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Modern technologies help literally in every sphere. This also applies to travel - it is possible to lay out routes and even cheaper trips. This also applies to education - you can use class books for education or use writing services. In any case, technical progress is the relief of many human problems.

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Technologies of today are helpful in practically every field. This also holds true for travel.