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How to write to the client that he would not send me to hell?

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I have a great product and I know who could buy it and even become a partner. But I don't know how to write to the client in order to arouse interest and not irritation. What to say so that you don't rub it in, but present the product as a worthwhile and necessary investment?

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Relationships with clients, namely, are the same as with other people. That's why the rules are the same. You just don't have to rush into it. You have to give the client time to get to know you better, to get to know you without trying to sell you in at once. You should visit and study in detail how to write letters and mailing lists to please clients.

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Introduce yourself, write who you are and where you are from. The simpler the better. You don't have to tell about your company in your greeting and introduction. Just introduce yourself.

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Thank you for the information, there is always a need to learn communication and the opportunity not to go beyond the rules of communication. But the cases are so different that it is sometimes difficult for me to keep my balance when communicating with demanding or simply impolite clients. Sometimes I can't control my behavior so much that I decided to take a test to understand if I need to seek outside help.