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I really love physics.

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I am very interested in the field of physics. At school and at university, it was my favorite subject. But the teachers didn't teach this subject well, I wanted to learn more. So now I want to hire a physics tutor for me if it's possible of course. What were your favorite subjects at school?

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Personally, I didn't like studying at all, so I didn't have a favorite subject. The only subject I liked was physical education, my classmates and I used to take a ball and play soccer, and that was the only reason I liked school. Of course, I was surprised that your favorite subject was physics, it was very difficult for me in school. But I think it won't be hard to find a tutor, after all, it's quite a popular subject and a lot of people need it in their lives. So just allocate some time and look for a good tutor.

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My favorite subject at school was math, I liked all those formulas and I really liked solving different problems.

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I loved maths in school and later in college as well, where it was my ancillary subject.

Set theory was introduced when I was in school, and it became my favourite topic!

I never used to work hard or prepare before the math tests or exams, but still used to score high marks, sometimes even a centum!

May be the liking towards the subject is in my blood, as my grandfather was a famous mathematics professor in Bangalore and my dad was an engineer.

Later in college, I found calculus, differentiation and integration to be very interesting!

Btw, I loved my mathematics teacher and I was one of her favourite students too!

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