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Is it difficult to study mathematics?

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I just find math more difficult than any other discipline. I'm going to university soon and I found out that there will be two whole years of higher mathematics there. How do I cope? Will I be able to learn it?

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Mathematics seems more difficult than it really is. Often students are horrified by it. The fact is that there are dozens of myths that suggest that only a select few can do math. When I couldn't do math, I simply asked for help help for math and they helped me with it. I threw tasks and topics that I did not understand and eventually I was explained to me every detail. I am grateful to them. That's how I learned math.

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You can learn absolutely everything. The main thing is to have the desire. And everyone has to have his own method. I mean, study the subject as it suits you. Someone does it with a video, someone with the help of forums, and someone just reads books with the rules.

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No, I don't think mathematics is difficult. I am also good at mathematics when I am in 11th grade but now I offer professional logo design services in Australia as an expert designer. If you concentrate on mathematics you will get a high score in mathematics.