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My pipes make a strange sound.

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My pipes are making a strange sound. I'm afraid something might be wrong with them. Do you think I should worry, or will the sound go away after a while? It's just that my pipes burst once already, and I don't want that again.

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Well, I think if you haven't heard that sound before, something is definitely wrong. I'm not a plumber and don't know much about pipes. But I can say that it is worth worrying about, as a burst pipe can cause damage to both the house and furniture. It is better to see what is wrong with the pipes so that they do not make repairs at home. You're unlikely to spend a lot of money or time if you call a specialist, so it's better to take action.

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Usually, when I hear or see something wrong with some equipment, I immediately call someone to find out what's wrong. Of course, most of the time everything is fine, but you still have to be careful about such things.