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The console for retro games

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Good afternoon! Here I'm thinking about buying a retro console on the Internet, but I do not know whether I can buy games on this console. What can you say or recommend me?

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It seems to me that on the console you can buy the game is important to find the right online store because it all depends on this. But I myself have not tried to play retro games, so I do not know where to buy such games.

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The most important thing in gaming is a quality console. That's all I could find and buy for  Nintendo 64 Games  . For these games do not need a very demanding console, it is important that they were of good quality because a lot depends on it. I, for example, very glad that I could find this site on the Internet. It helped me to buy retro games of good quality. If you are a beginner and you do not have a retro console game, I would recommend you to go to this site and buy it. Especially now there are good deals.