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What can't you do when your husband cheats?

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A woman who learns that her husband is cheating on her can make a lot of mistakes under the influence of the rush of emotions. They often lead to a difficult divorce, loss of self, depression with suicidal thoughts, problems with children, etc.
Do you know the best thing to do in such situations?

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The wife knows about the cheating, is aware of where and when the husband sees his mistress. Everything is so obvious that even the husband himself is convinced that he has been exposed. But the woman is silent. She stays silent, endures, hopes for something, continues to cook breakfast-dinners, iron shirts. That's no way for my girls to do it... I have an acquaintance with the help of social media found out that her husband was cheating on her and I asked her for a long time to get out of this situation and break up with him.

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But even for a woman whose feelings for her husband have long faded, infidelity is a blow to her ego. It is a collapse of stability and reliability. If you ask me, you need to see a psychologist.