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The Truth About Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Game
The Truth About Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Game
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Inflict thousands upon thousands of goblins the face with a fiery crossbow. Throw massive meteors at anthropomorphic anthropomorphic mushrooms and then hang out with a queen horse that's literally made out of diamonds. That's Tiny Tina's Wonderlands in short form, and if that all sounds like a remake of Borderlands 3, it's because it is. However, that doesn't end up as a problem! The superb writing and impressive voice acting work combine with the twisted and insane FPS chaos to make something truly memorable. This new take of the Borderlands formula is the kind of game I've always longed to play since I first played it in Borderlands 2 DLC that inspired it. Although the game plays it safe in a number of ways, it's an absolute blast so far.









Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is an amazing, fantasy-infused spinoff the OG looter shooter and an immediate sequel to Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC that was released in 2013. As a game within the game Wonderlands involves players playing an interactive tabletop roleplaying experience that's known as Bunkers and Badasses. It's like an alternative reality Dungeons and Dragons that replaces traditional fantasy elements with absurdity with gratuitous violence and tons of guns regardless of the setting they're in or. This is the appeal of this larger-than-life looter-shooter RPG, which throws caution to sky and embraces chaos nonsense in favor of ludicrous and unforgettable moments.







The best thing about playing a Borderlands game is that I'm certain that I'll have a good time as I loot and Wonderlands is no different. The hilarious, laugh-out-loud script is elevated by one of the most hilarious comedy casts in any game, with Ashly Burch back as the adorable obnoxious Tiny Tina, Will Arnett as the main bad guy, Andy Samberg as the exuberantly stupid party member along with Wanda Sykes as the rules-obsessed player. The voice acting and comedy writing are superior to anything they've seen in the show, and even without all the action-packed looting and shooting the story is worth watching simply because of the memorable characters and funny moments.







There's a game that you must figure out how you can remove an opponent's impenetrable "plot armor," another where the characters are too suspicious about a background character in a blue hat, and a third in which you're able to kill a bunch of Smurfs. The absurdities never cease for role-playing on the table (like myself) are sure to come across plenty of humor and references which will please veteran dice-rollers.













That said, even while the tomfoolery can be hilarious However, the main narrative is one of those weaker components of the package. The pattern of Borderlands stickman games to date has been the same: the uninspiring dialogue and sloppy sidequests obscure the overarching storyline, which is actually pretty good, featuring people we're invested in, and scenes of pure emotion as well as unexpected twists. I was expecting Wonderlands to be similar to the previous games but instead, it transforms into a fairly predictable battle against a big bad guy who you have to overcome before the credits roll. The fact that the whole story is set in a game being played by Borderlands characters, which has virtually no influence on the plot leaves it feeling pretty frivolous rather than original or subversive, and certainly not enough to meet the high standards the Borderlands series has set. However, it's extremely entertaining.







Of course, the majority of people visit Borderlands hoping for a heck of a lot firearms to try, and Wonderlands will not disappoint in this regard. As usual, there are thousands of variations of randomly produced weapons that have bizarre and bizarre perks, such as an automatic crossbow that feels like an old-fashioned machine gun or shooting gun that transforms into a flaming ball you shoot at an enemy whenever it's running low on ammo. The shift from over-the-top science fiction and over-the-top fantasy has surprisingly changed very little about the way Borderlands is played although there are some noteworthy instances of grenades getting replaced with much more interesting spells and ultimate abilities shifting to more magical appeal for example, summoning huge storms of ice. Other than that the differences are mostly cosmetic in nature in combat, which means Borderlands players should feel at with the Wonderlands.







The likeness to Borderlands 3 is good news with regard to the fact that combat in Wonderlands is often thrilling, with crazy-looking enemies, challenging boss fights, and so the amount of madness that happens on screen that oftentimes your screen looks as if a rainbow was thrown into the shape of a tornado before it explodes into hundreds of smaller tornadoes. The sliding, shooting, and casting around in Wonderlands is a truly enjoyable time. The down side of all that chaos is that sometimes it's difficult to understand what's happening; more than once I've died and then found myself considering "M'kay, not sure what killed me there." But at least it looked cool!







Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is a great alternative to Borderlands the tried and true looter shooter formula. Like most spin-offs it's remarkably similar to its past successes which could at times feel not original and some of the novel ideas it attempts including procedurally-generated combat encounters, didn't end up badly. Luckily, the excellent script, hilarious performances by an all-star cast, as well as hilarious combat continue to shine brightly and make this tabletop-themed blaster-fest absolutely worth your time.



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