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How To Send Fax Online?
How To Send Fax Online?
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How to receive and send faxes?

Where and when can I send and receive faxes with Popfax?



You can receive and send at any time, the service is valid 24/7. You can send your faxes from any country in the world you just need to access your Popfax account via an Internet connection. service does not require any Software installation. It works, following subscription, with all operating systems.





What is my fax number? provides you with a local number for receiving your fax to email. There is no difference between the number provided by and the classical machine number. This number is personal, you can hold it indefinitely by extending your subscription period.





What shall I do if I already have a fax number?

If you already have a number you can transfer it to your number. You will keep receiving your faxes that you will then manage via your account or via your mail archives.

 does not offer this transfer service, this feature has to be requested of your existing telephony company.

How do I receive and see my faxes?

As soon as you receive a new fax, it is available in your Popfax box online.





You can see, print, download, forward it to an e-mail account or archive it in a folder on your account (if you have subscribed to the extended storage option).

If you configure e-mail forwarding option in your parameters, we send you a copy of any new received fax to email in attachment.



You can still see this fax at any time on

How am I informed when a new fax arrives?

Popfax.visit www youtube com activate will send you an e-mail alert as soon as a new fax arrives.

If you activate the corresponding option in your parameters, you can receive an SMS alert.





The cost of sending the SMS is deducted from your prepaid account.

Can I receive faxes from abroad?

Yes, the numbers provided by have no usage restrictions.



See International dialling rules when dialling from abroad.

How do I send a new fax?

You can send a fax from your online account very easily. You simply have to indicate the number destination and select from your computer the document you want to be sent.





Before sending the fax check the object, the content and the layout of your document and send.

Can I send a fax to a group of recipients from my address book at once?

Yes, you can merge up to 10 contacts from the address book and send faxes or SMSs to this group very easily from the "Contact book" page.





This feature is included into the Options Pack.

How do I insert the cover page in my fax?

Check the "Insert cover page" box on the "Send fax" page and type the cover page content in the text box displayed. Alternatively, in the case of "Mail to fax", add the cover page content in the body of the email and send your mail to an address like 'fax_number'





(See the demo on the "Send fax" page in your account).

How do I know my fax has been properly received?

After sending your fax you receive a report informing you if your transmission was successful or, in case of a problem, the type of transmission error.



You can see the status and the copy of your transmissions at any time in the Outbox of your account.

A transmission journal is available for review under the heading History of your account.

Can I send faxes abroad?






For more details see International dialling rules.

A full tutorial can be seen here -



visit www youtube com activate
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