Strictly 2021: East...
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Strictly 2021: EastEnders' Nina Wadia Is The 11th Star Announced
Strictly 2021: EastEnders' Nina Wadia Is The 11th Star Announced
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I also drink a lot of water each day and eat a healthy, primarily plant-based diet.'  





'If I'm traveling or have a limited amount of time, I'll jump rope, which is an amazing cardio workout, or run up a flight of 40 stairs in 30 minutes.





'I spoke to people that agreed with me and then actively disagreed with me and complained. I wanted to hear both sides. A lot of people assume I say "if you complained you're a racist". 





The complaints are all different.





A Cook's Book is billed as the ‘essential Nigel Slater'. With recipes like ‘A cure for a cold, a hangover, everything really…', as well as sections on crumbles and the roast potato, this is him at his most beguiling. A Cook's Book is billed as the ‘essential Nigel Slater'. (HarperCollins, £30)" class="blkBorder img-share" />



Nigel Slater is another rare writer where the beauty of his prose is perfectly matched to the warmth of his recipes.















Scott Morrison has revealed he's as much of a Bollywood music fan as he is of Indian cuisine.









Rains across Kerala have triggered flash floods and landslides in several areas, killing at least 22 people.





Kerala suffered its worst floods in a century in 2018, which killed at least 400 people and displaced around 200,000. (Writing by Peter Graff; Editing by Mike Collett-White)





















Want to learn to make dim sum or take a class on hot Indian curries? The internet famously has everything, and that extends to digital culinary know-how. There are in-depth classes in bread baking, while others focus on pastry and dessert. You can also find online cooking classes for every type of cuisine on the planet, as well as online wine education and virtual cocktail classes.













The Prime Minister cooked up a chicken, eggplant and saag curry on his final night in quarantine at The Lodge in Canberra following his recent US trip to visit President Joe Biden.





Pichai and Page had been invited, and when they declined, an empty chair and a nameplate that said "GOOGLE" appeared next to the leaders of the other two companies.



--Richard Nieva





The hearing came after to a hearing earlier that year, when Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey faced the Senate.











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Read more: Plan for the big game: Order your party staples online





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export turmeric from india meets 80% of its oil needs through imports, and the government imposes more than 100% tax on fuel products like petrol and diesel.





Consumers and businesses end up shelling out higher fuel and transport rates compared to other emerging economies.



export turmeric from india
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