2022 NYC HS Poetry Awards – An Invitation to Submit + Rules

Thank you all for the amazing submissions!

Without Further Ado!

The 2022 New York Browning Society HS Poetry Award Winners

Maya Rothbard – Trevor Day School
“Partial” inspired by “Bianca among the Nightingales” by EBB

Genevieve Burke – St. Joseph Hill Academy
“Life of the valley” Inspired by Change upon Change by EBB

Devin Berkowitz – The Spence School
“A Dreamer’s Words” Inspired by “The Soul’s Expression by EBB

Emilio Merino – Monsignor Scanlan High School
“Thy Beauty Whence May Blooms”

Emma Jose – Trevor Day School
“The Blue Eyes” Inspired by Sonnet 43 by EBB

Arlette Gindi – Ramaz Upper School
“Through the Glass Pane”


Shantel Sosa – Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing and Visual Arts
Alan Koren – Michael J. Petrides School
Nana Oya Clarke – Wadleigh Secondary School of Performing and Visual Arts
Kate Giffler – Trevor Day School


Please have the winning students join us so that they can read their award winning poems at our meeting this Wednesday at 1pm on ZOOM. All of the winners will please also send the best address for us to send their winning certificates and checks!


I will give an introduction and a short talk on the Browning Society and the contest, and then we will give our full attention to the winning students!

We’d also like to invite the shortlisted contestants to join us as well! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and we look forward to hearing from your students and for next year’s contest as well! Cheers!

James Kepple
President of the New York Browning Society

Invitation to Submit Poetry for the 2022 NYC HS Poetry Competition

Rules for the 2022 Contest